Experiment 8: Green Onion Pancakes. (蔥油餅)

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I last posted to this blog.
There were a bunch of new techniques and recipes I picked up, like BBQ pork, and noodle-making that should’ve been posted here in the year.  I’ll do it later.  For now:  Green Onion pancakes:


Objects needed:

Green Onions: 2 (stalks)

Boiling water : flour -> 1/2: 1

Kosher Salt:  Liberal amounts.

Oil: liberal amounts

Brush for oil.


1) Make dough with boiling water and flour.  Why boiling water?  No idea.  I could make up some story about “faster gluten generation” but it’s really because I wanna finish this post and go watch Game of Thrones.
2) Roll out dough to a maximum of 3 mm thickness.  distribute oil to coat the “pizza” you’ve just created.
The oil will create the characteristic layers we’ve come to expect from green onion pancakes when cooked.
3) Add salt, and green onions, like a pizza.
4) Roll up the “pizza” so that the green onions are packaged up neatly inside the “pizza” roll.  The more layers, the better.
5) Form the “pizza” log into a coil.  This coiling process makes it easier to get into a circular shape.
6) Press down on the roll and it will form itself into a disc.  Press and roll out until 5-10 mm thickness

7) Fry until cooked.



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