Experiment 7: Gravlax

Experiment 7: Gravlax

I’m angry. Lox sells for $5.99 CAD / 100g. I got a small salmon for $3.29/lb and made about 4 lbs of this stuff. It’s too simple to ever buy again.

Dill, salmon, coarse salt(1/2), sugar(1/2), a box, and a lot of plastic wrap.

1) clean and debone EVERYTHING
2) chop dill, and pack salmon with the rest of the ingredients
3) Wrap is tight! this thing will ooze oil for some reason (I have yet to figure it out)
4) Put it in a box (to contain the oil, because you may not have packed it in tight enough
5) Don’t eat for a full day (12 – 18 hours)
6) Don’t you do it….
7) ok, go!


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