Experiment 7: Gravlax

Experiment 7: Gravlax

I’m angry. Lox sells for $5.99 CAD / 100g. I got a small salmon for $3.29/lb and made about 4 lbs of this stuff. It’s too simple to ever buy again.

Dill, salmon, coarse salt(1/2), sugar(1/2), a box, and a lot of plastic wrap.

1) clean and debone EVERYTHING
2) chop dill, and pack salmon with the rest of the ingredients
3) Wrap is tight! this thing will ooze oil for some reason (I have yet to figure it out)
4) Put it in a box (to contain the oil, because you may not have packed it in tight enough
5) Don’t eat for a full day (12 – 18 hours)
6) Don’t you do it….
7) ok, go!


Experiment 6: Creamed Spinach

Experiment 6: Creamed Spinach

I have been thinking about creamed spinach ever since I went down to Chicago last month. After having it with an incredible schnitzel at the Berghoff, I couldn’t shake the craving. This is my attempt.

Ingredients: spinach, onion, milk, flour, garlic.

1) Wilt down spinach
2) Make a roux with the rest of the ingredients
3) Squeeze out the liquid from the spinach
4) Combine everything into a bowl
5) Gain weight from eating too much.

Experiment 5: Taco Tuesday!

Experiment 5:  Taco Tuesday!

This one’s on Carnitas. I’ve been making tortillas for a number of years now, so it doesn’t really count.

Carnitas: Turns out it’s all about the braising liquid.

Braising Ingredients:
Bayleaves, Peppercorns, Orange, white vinegar, salt, sugar, lime, dried chillies

Meat: A ham, or any cut of pork.

Cut into pieces, stew until tender. Nearly impossible to screw up.

Experiment 4: BBQ Ribs


This experiment is about 2 things: Vinegar brines, and different methods of cooking.
There were 2 sets of ribs: control (basic dry rub) and test (brine + dry rub).
Cooking method: Bake vs steam-packeted.

Brine: Bayleaf, peppercorn, Apple cider Vinegar, salt, sugar
Dry rub: Paprika, salt, sugar, pepper, chipotle powder

Steam packet: Wrap ribs in an envelope, add water (and brine)
Steamed for 35 minutes, then grilled again on sauce.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t need the sauce at all, or the sauce covered anything that the brine added.