The sandwich challenge: Po’ boy

I started this quest about 2 years ago after having been very bored of food.  I was tired of eating and making the same things over and over again.  The thoughts in my head were:  “We can do better than this!” and “Man, that’s one good looking sandwich” whilst browsing Reddit’s “eatsandwiches” subreddit.  This was originally a quest to broaden my horizons, but it’s become something more.  

The challenge:

Eat every single sandwich on this list, derived from Wikipedia’s list of notable sandwiches.

Each sandwich must be made by someone else (to authenticate the taste), but I’ve broken this rule if the sandwich was relatively simple.  

My progress can be viewed here:

Today’s sandwich is the po’boy, purchased at a Southern BBQ place in Hamilton, Ontario.  

Verdict:  I expected a bit more than a fish sandwich.  I suppose eating catfish was a nice new experience, but I couldn’t taste anything special about it that would merit ordering another sandwich.  Don’t get me wrong; the sandwich was pretty good (fantastic homemade coleslaw, and tartar) but I had built the po’boy up in my head that I can’t truly appreciate it without sounding like an ungrateful brat.  Image,


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