Experiment 1: Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls

Hooray for the inaugural post that actually documents my findings!

I’m trying to make Black Sesame soup dumplings (glutinous rice balls) from a special request.  The general steps were taken from this recipe: http://www.justasdelish.com/black-sesame-tang-yuan/, with modifications inspired by this nice lady: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctT6X8syHAE

This trial was to look for a number of things:

1) Ease of preparation

2) Freezing /batch preparation features

3) Taste


Ease of preparation:

-Filling:  It was incredibly difficult to contain into the dough pocket when the original filling was used (rather, I subbed in instant black sesame pudding mix for grinding my own) .  Making the filling thicker – to the consistency of jam – solved this problem, but with unknown effects to the filling consistency in the final cooked product.  Ideal form would be that the filling still pours out of the dumpling.

-Dough:  The dough was made entirely with glutinous rice flour.  Though in the first sample test, the cooked dumpling resembled the ideal texture, the dough ball was too flaky and structural integrity failed on 5 occasions.


The doughballs have cracked.  Fissures have started forming near some of the balls, and other balls have formed pinhole leaks that ooze the black sesame filling.


-Just fine 😀

Conclusion/suggested modifications:

1) Mix in wheat flour to introduce gluten into the balls.

2) Turn the filling into a more solid substance (as seen in the youtube video)








I bought a cabbage for $0.99 one day.  It seemed like a good idea in retrospect; giant cabbage for less than a lettuce?  Why not?
So I experimented with sauerkraut.  Chop it up, they said… Salt it, they said….  Leave it alone, they said…. No one mentioned the amount of time it would take, or the fact that the jars will hiss at you, and release gases!
The 2 images are before-and-after shots of the experiment.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m quite scared of eating it.  Any takers?


2013-11-17 13.23.492013-12-16 23.57.21

賽螃蟹 (Scrambled Egg white and crab)

Legend has it that this dish was originally served to the emperor when he wanted crab, but none was available.  The egg whites make it look like there’s more crab than there really is.


1) Crack eggs and separate yolks and whites

2) make scrambled eggs with crab meat and egg whites

3) Wash, chop, and blanch broccoli

4) Arrange broccoli in a ring position

5) Place the scrambled eggs ontop of the broccoli ring

6) Place egg yolks in the centre

7) Break egg yolks and mix when serving

賽螃蟹 (Scrambled Egg white and crab)

Double-fried potato wedges

Instructions for these wedges:

1) Wash and cut potatoes

2) Soak in water to wash away some of the starch

3) Fry once on a low temperature oil

4) Drain out of oil and fry again in higher temperature oil

5) Season and serve

6) Gain weight due to excessive eating of said potato wedges 😀

2013-12-15 21.28.10

The Arc Reactor

This arc reactor prop was conceived when that dear friend wanted to dress up as Iron Man for Halloween.  Since I was away on vacation at that time, I wasn’t able to complete it until now.  Dear Marvel and Disney:  please don’t sue!

Hello World!

The idea of starting a blog was not my idea.  I was a bit hesitant at first, thinking “Who still reads blogs?”  and “What do I have to add to the internet?  Isn’t that thing just filled with cats nowadays?”  Sorry to disappoint you, future reader, there will be no cats here 😦  Instead, this is a blog about the stuff I make.  Food!  Electronics!  Whiteboards!  Cats!

This was suggested to me by a very special friend.  The conversation went along the lines of:


It looks really good!

Again, you need to start a food blog

Get on that

Christmas project

So, without further ado, M, here it is!  I made a blog!   😀